Laser Tunnel, Photo by Flavio Spedalieri

NightLase Technologies, is tailored to providing bespoke consultancy and support services within the areas of Coffee, Cosmetic Lasers, I.T. and education sectors.

Our future interests and investments lay in increasing experience in the Makerspace, STEM and Education sectors, as well as small and bespoke Laser CNC. and engraving services.

Over the years we have embarked on many projects and interests. To view our journey on our more significant projects, please visit our projects page.


Nightlase Technologies is a registered business, ABN: 37 503 192 144.

This website is now dedicated to documenting my personal journey through my interests, technical projects and accomplishments. To follow my creative endeavours in photography and my bespoke lamp collection, please visit my dedicated websites below;

To view my photographic images, please visit Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography.

To view my bespoke lamp collection, please visit Enigma Lamps.