Laser Tunnel, Photo by Flavio Spedalieri

NightLase Technologies, is tailored to providing bespoke consultancy and support services within the areas of Coffee, Cosmetic Lasers, I.T. and education sectors.

Our future interests and investments lay in increasing experience in the Makerspace, STEM and Education sectors, as well as small and bespoke Laser CNC. and engraving services.

Over the years we have embarked on many projects and interests. To view our journey on our more significant projects, please visit our projects page.


Nightlase Technologies is a registered business, ABN: 37 503 192 144.

This website is now dedicated to documenting my personal journey through my interests, technical projects and accomplishments. To follow my creative endeavours in photography and my bespoke lamp collection, please visit my dedicated websites below;

To view my photographic images, please visit Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography.

To view my bespoke lamp collection, please visit Enigma Lamps.

Latest News


Super Precision Gyroscope

In our most recent update, we explore gyroscopes and their interesting behaviours and applications as well as briefly talk about the Super Precision Gyroscopes that we have in our collection that are made in the UK by Gyroscope.com.

We also have added details and information on a Sperry Ring Laser Gyroscope that we have in our collection and the precision these devices are made for use in defence, and aerospace applications.

Read more about gyroscopes and our Ring Laser Gyroscope in our new section on Gyroscopes in our resources area.

Engineering Updates...

Flavio's KS90 & Tensegrity Table

As we make some use (and sense) for the ongoing lockdown situation, one aspect is "time" (and a need) to keep the mind busy and off the constant monotonous news of the day, well at least to keep some motivation going.

As we revisit much of the website, adding and improving content, we come to update our engineering page where we feature the beautifully engineered products from Kontax Stirling Engines in the UK.

The featured image is of our Kontax KS90 low temperature differential Stirling Engine sitting on the Kontax Tensegrity table.

The KS90 engines are a superb piece of engineering, each component precision manufactured at Kontax with attention to detail and high-quality.

These engines are able run off low temperatures differences as low as 5 degrees (difference between the top plate and bottom plate) either from heat off your hand or a warm surface.

In late 2020, Kontax released their Tensegrity table, again quality of workmanship and uncompromising attention to detail right down to the packing and instructions make these products a joy to have in the collection.

Head over to our Engneering Page to read more about these products and my other engineering projects.

Sodium Lamps & Black Flames

Black Flame

Some time ago I was asked about Sodium lamps and if I knew how to wire and run them. This got me thinking and begin some research into low pressure sodium lamps (LPS).

In research, I found that LPS lamps are difficult to source, here in Australia, its almost close to impossible to source anything locally. Most references referred to supplies in the UK.

I happed to come across a seller in Russia on ebay whom was selling Russian Spectral lamps.

Soon after, I decided to purchase two Philips SOX lamps and in addition, proper control gear.

The main reason for experimenting with Sodium light; conduct the experiment to visualise "black flame".

Checkout more on this project on the Black Flame Experiment.

Exploring The World of Dye Lasers

Yellow highlighter Dye illuminated with 365nm UV

The past 12 months has been a very interesting year for a different reason or another, be it the current state of the world, or the opportunity to get stuck into some personal projects, that have been on the "must do" pile for quite some time.

Completing the project to convert an old Compak K6 coffee grinder in June 2020, then, in late August 2021, I embarked on another ambitious (and long desired) project to construct a Tesla Coil, culminating in a successfully working Tesla Coil on 25th November 2020.

Following on from the Tesla Coil Project, this finally gave me the kick to begin rebuilding of this website (which I pretty much had off-line for the best part of 12 years), and finally begin documenting my projects and the journey to completing these projects by way of the Nightlase Technologies website.

The best part of the next three months was spent head down in the computer in web development mode, which included updating and tweaking my other two websites in the process, this in itself a mammoth task.

Enter 2021, a year that should have been a more positive outlook, however as I write this (in August 2021), we are back into ever endless lockdowns.

In February 2021, I completed a High-Frequency, Solid-State Tesla Coil (HFSSTC) which produces a unique flame-like discharge, and shortly after, in April 2021, I embarked on yet another very ambitious project to build a Transversely Excited Atmospheric Nitrogen Laser capable of outputting high-energy pulses of Ultraviolet light at 337nm.

This now brings me to the actual topic at hand; making use of the TEA Nitrogen Laser to pump a Dye Laser.

Having procured some real laser dyes (expensive), I also managed to obtain some cheaper Coumarin 1 dye from a UK ebay seller which I have tested, however a more interesting test that I have conducted, using a common yellow highlighter ink dissolved in distilled water.

I am quite impressed that I was able to obtain successful lasing of this dye both using a dye laser resonant cavity as well as observing super-fluorescent lasing (lasing without mirrors).

I have subsequently made some measurements of the emission wavelengths using a spectrometer as well.

For more details and stories behind my projects, please check out my projects section.

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