Our Story

From humble beginnings, NightLase Technologies is the brainchild of Flavio Spedalieri whom conceptualised the name back in 1995, around the main focus and interests in research and studies in the fields of Electronics, Lasers and Nightvision sysems. Later, in 1998 "Nightlase Technologies" was registered and located in Sydney, Australia.

Initially, NightLase Technologies was geared to provided services in the field of laser display production. With the latest state-of-the-art scanning technology coupled with industry standard professional laser display authoring applications, this allowed us to deliver unique and intimate, yet professional laser displays.

As time progressed, the future of dedicated high-end laser display productions gave way to simple beam displays in non-professional arenas and events. Carting large and heavy equipment around, simply lost its appeal.

Between 2004 and 2007, we set about completing additional studies in Telecommunications Engineering and we commenced providing free of charge, webspace for class resources.

Between 2008 and 2010, we provided contracted services to the retail sector (optics and astronomy equipment) and then the coffee industry working with a small local firm providing service and repairs on domestic and commercial espresso equipment.

In late 2010, we commenced full-time work in the medical field.

NightLase Technologies remains a part of our history. We continue to maintain a very strong connection to the studies and research of lasers from a passionate and scientific level, and also building a small collection of antique laser systems which present a very interesting study of the early development of laser technology and providing us with insight and information for development of our educational resources.

Our future investments include developing our interests and experience in the Makerspace, STEM and Education sectors, as well as small Laser Cutting and CNC equipment and services.

Our other works include photography at Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography. and bespoke lamp designs at Enigma Lamps. which are offered through our dedicated websites.

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