Fourier Analysis Simulator

Fourier Simulator

While completing my Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering, part of the subject matter included Electronics, Signal and Systems, Digital Modulation, Antenna Systems and many other core subject modules.

During our Signal and Systems tutorials, we had been discussing basic waveform fundamentals from the basic Sine wave through to complex waveforms and harmonics.

Back in 2005 I was quite proficient at designing complex Excel documents to produce charts and plots from data gathered from experiments.

While becoming familiar with formula to generate and plot data, these became more complex as I continued to scale up some of my creations.

Perhaps the most complex, I designed a simulator for showing how a complex waveform, is made up of a series of Sine (or Cosine) waves.

The result was a massive sheet that contains separate data for plotting of the simulated oscilloscope screen, then data set taken from the interactive input panel.

I designed and developed this simulator to demonstrate the fundamentals of Fourier Theory. Many different waveforms can be simulated using the interface.

Features Include:

  • Simulate up to 40 harmonics.
  • Individual control of fundamental frequency and all harmonics; Amplitude, Phase, Sine/Cosine and polarity (+/-).
  • Adjustable display of number of periods.
  • Display of first seven harmonic frequencies (can be turned off).
  • Display of first seven harmonic frequencies (can be turned off).
  • Instructions Included.

Download Simulator

This Simulator was created in 2005 as a personal project for our class discussion and remains at Version 3.0. No further support is provided.


- Flavio Spedalieri -
Written: 23 November 2020

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