Lighthouse Simulator Project
High Voltage Supply

From a young age, Electronics has been my main stable hobby since I can remember.

When I was still in primary school, used to dismantle all sorts of electronic items and was always curious in how things worked.

Perhaps still in my pre-teens, I remember trying to find old UV erasable EPROM ICs which featured the clear window, as you able to see the actual die.

My interests soon lead to building small project kits such as a crystal radio, basic circuits, motors and anything else that too my interest.

In 1988, I remember the Australian Bicentennial celebrations, and my first exposure to laser light shows, a precursor to my field of speciality.

From this point on, my interests had ventured into exotic and specialty electronics and instruments including Lasers, Nightvision and High Voltage power supplies.

Fast forward to more recent years, I have begun to delve into the world of microcontrollers such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

My initial introduction on the Arduino platform came with my interests in Laser CNC / GRBL.

GRBL Controller
Arduino Programming

Arduino Timer Project

My first major project on the Arduino, designing, programming and building a timer module for my Coffee Grinder Project.

One of my next projects on the boil for the Arduino is the lighthouse light simulator. This features adjustable beams and character. Eventually this would be used in a model lighthouse.

- Flavio Spedalieri -
Written: 25th November 2020
Updated: 31st July 2021

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