4545 CNC Laser

4545 Laser Head
4545 Frame
Z-Axis Module
Modified Laser Mount
Air Assist Nozzel

One of my more recent projects I embarked in 2019 was on building a larger CNC laser engraving machine.

My initial trials of smaller units available off eBay or other on-line provided some knowledge in working with open source GRBL and G-Code language, and available laser sources.

Soon, I found the small 40mm x 40mm engravers restrictive and did not allow for integration with the open source Laser GRBL firmware which I was mostly interested.

My main motivation for experimentation with laser engravers is for creating logos and graphics for my Lamp projects.

1310 CNC

In late 2018, I purchased a kit to build a 1310 cnc (130 x 100). I considered this product for its solid construction and components.

The controller is based on the Arduino platform and uses the common stepper motor driver modules and Laser GRBL firmware.

CNC 4545 Frame

Searching for CNC 4545 will result in many very similar configurations, however, many feature components which are made from acrylic, especially the supporting components.

With experience with my smaller 1310 unit, I was seeking a similar all-metal construction, eventually the kit was found from on-line sellers.

The unit comes as disassembled components, which makes for half the enjoyment of putting something together.

As I finalised the frame and powered up the motors, I immediately was coming up with ideas of how to improve key areas.

Moving away from the basic frame, I spent considerable time in installing a cable drag system for both axis, axis limit / home switches and the additional Z-axis module to allow movement of the laser for cutting and material heights.

X-axis Carriage
X-axis Cable Drag
Cable Drag Mounting

Completed Frame
Completed Frame
Laser test

Z-Axis Modification

One of the main features I was seeking to add was air assist which aids in improving results of the laser cutting or engraving process.

The first task was to modify the Z-Axis mount to allow the module to sit slightly lower and allow for more range of the Z-axis and also provision for the air assist line.

Controller Module

The bare control board was mounted to and acrylic base which was hand-cut, drilled and assembled. The complete controller is mounted to the frame at the rear.

At the time of the build I was evaluating a number of available laser CNC programs, such as LaserGRBL and also LightBurn Software which has significant support and flexibility to work with a number of controllers.

Controller Board
Mounted Controller Module
Controller Illumination

Air Assist And Bed

For the air assist pump, I selected a Kamoer HLVP6-PB12, this pump features a high-flow rate of 400L/min at -0.06Mpa / +0.1Mpa pressure and integrated filter.

The pump is powered by the controller and G-Code commands.

For the laser bed, I purchased 6 silicon matts as well as the air assist cone from Darkly Labs and installed these on the bed with wood beading used to frame the matts and hold them firm.

Air Assist Pump
Laser Bed
Completed CNC

- Flavio Spedalieri -
Written: 26 November 2020
Updated: 1st August 2021

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