A Look Back In Time . . .

Within this section of the website, I will be posting some interesting little memories from the early days and or where perhaps realise at what point in time some of the ideas, interests or experimentation may have begun.

Historical Tails; First experiences of Tesla coils . . .

While digging around in some boxes today (3rd October 2021), I have had a tin which was wrapped with wire sitting under the work bench...

The penny just dropped and realise what I was upto back in 1991 as a 16 year old kid (yep giving the age away ;-) )

As memory comes back, back in 1990, I was presented a circuit on a Tesla coil by a serviceman by the name of Tom Parker, whom at the time was working for Pioneer. I used to drop through asking for the old laser pickups from CD player.

One day when I visited, Tom had spoken about the desire to build a Tesla Coil, and I remember clearly where he took the time to draw out the circuit and tell me how it worked.

In September of 1991, I purchased the September issue of Radio Electronics magazine as it featured an article on building a Solid State Tesla coil written by Duane Bylund.

I am now 100% certain that after reading about this, I wanted to start winding a coil.

I recall having dismantled an old transformer to get at the bobbin of wire, well lo and behold, my very first winding project.

Back then, there was no JavaTC software to model a coil, I had very little knowledge on the parameters and even more so the use of the form materials, wire sizes, and winding parameters (such as number of turns, winding heights, aspect ratios and frequency). Interestingly, the cardboard formula tin has foil lining, metal end and rims, all which would prevent operation of a coil.

My Early Coil Winding Experience

Some 30 years later, I finally built a working Tesla Coil... Read about the journey of my 30mm Tesla Coil Project.

- Flavio Spedalieri -
Written: 4th October 2021

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