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From a young age, I was always curious about how things worked, and I became interested in electronics and Lasers... Well not much has changed in 4 decades. I have continued to follow my interests gaining knowledge and experience along the way, which also allows me to apply my skills in my service work.

I have a wide gamut of interests include; coffee, horticulture / Bonsai, woodwork, metal work, science, engineering, manufacturing and what ever else may take my interests.

Aside from my many interests, I am also a photographer and lamp designer, with my works featured through my dedicated websites at Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography and Enigma Lamps.

I have decided to revive the Nightlase Technologies website to document my journey, interests and projects; To inspire our future generations; - our children and others with shared interests and a passion for building something that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and carries elements of detail and high-quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time, to pass onto your children in generations to come.

We live in a "throwaway society" and as humanity pushes forward, we have become wasteful and complacent (not to mention treating our planet as a waste dump). We are losing some wonderful generations whom hold "old school" solid knowledge and skills in fields of science and engineering. We are at risk of losing a wealth of historical knowledge and hands-on experience, no longer being passed down to our next generations (lack of interest and inspiration) and at the same time, our education systems are being "dumbed down" to a point of simply "learning to click coloured buttons".

I hope my projects and the repository of knowledge and resources on this site will inspire our future generations about Science, Technology and Engineering.

- Flavio Spedalieri, 2021 -

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