High Voltage

High Voltage Sign

Jacob's Ladder

High Voltage Terminal

I recall in my younger days becoming intrigued with how a high voltage output was produced, with the use of a coil of wire.

My first real introduction into high voltages was with ignition coils. My very first project was mounting an ignition coil on a base of wood, wired in a set of "points" (an actual set as used in a distributor), and a battery.

Each time the points were switched, an arc was produced from the coil. At the time, I had no idea of transistor switched circuits.

My real high-voltage work started with my interests and work with lasers.

Lichtenberg Figures

I have recently been experimenting with the process, with more work on effects of voltage adjustments through the process to control the burning process as well as experimentation with different wood types.

Lichtenberg Figure
Lichtenberg Figure

Insulator Collection

High Voltage Insulator

In the recent few years, I have started to build a small collection of insulators, typically of the glass variety, however at times I may come across some high voltage insulators which make for excellent lamp bases. The insulator pictured, was pulled when upgrades to the high-voltage power lines was being completed for the new hospital precinct.

By Flavio Spedalieri, 23 November, 2020