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Published Laser Projects - Electronics Australia Magazine

A little History. . .

Electronics Australia was one of the longest running publication in electronics in Australia, with history that perhaps dates back as far as 1922, first formed as Wireless Weeky.

In April 1939, the magazine became a monthly publication and renamed to Radio And Hobbies, then in February 1955 with the rise of television, renamed to Ratio Television & Hobbies.

In April 1965, the name changed to Electronics Australia. The magazine continued to be published under the name until March 2000.

The rights to Electronics Australia were acquried by Silicon Chip.

1990 marked a milestone; The same year that I purchased My first Helium-Neon Laser. Earlier in the same year, Electronics Australia had published an article in the July Edition of Electronics Australia; Low Cost Helium-Neon Laser, (however this was just before I actively began buying electronics magazines). It was in this article that it references earlier projects in Electronics Australia with the first laser project published in August 1969.

In total, 6 articles were published in Electronics Australia magazine between 1969 and 1993.

Electronics Australia, August 1969
Electronics Australia, January 1974
Electronics Australia, October 1977

Electronics Australia, July 1990
Electronics Australia, September 1991
Electronics Australia, April 1993

Full download of the above publications are freely available from the Internet Archive.

Published Laser Projects - Silicon Chip Magazine

Silicon Chip remains the only electronics magazine in Australia that is still in publication.

Three articles on Helium-Neon Lasers were featured in Silicon Chip, including my May 1993 article.

Silicon Chip, November 1990
Silicon Chip, January 1991
Silicon Chip, May 1993

To purchase the above copies of the articles, please head over to the Silicon Chip website.

Published Tesla Coil & Arduino Timer Projects - Silicon Chip Magazine

Silicon Chip, February 2022
Silicon Chip, February 2023
Silicon Chip, September 2023

To purchase the above copies of the articles, please head over to the Silicon Chip website.

- Flavio Spedalieri -
Written: 9th October 2021
Updated: 30th August 2023

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